The following statistics have been obtained with permission from:

- The Joshua Project (

-  Ethnologue - Languages of the world (


Our target region initially concerns the northern region of Mozambique i.e. between the Zambezi River and the border with Tanzania (in the north) and Malawi (in the west). See Map below...

By implication, for the present to medium term this will exclude the Tete Province, central and southern Mozambique.

This particular region contains approximately 26 ethnic language families, but Portuguese is the universal language. Sixteen of these language families have as yet to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 The total population of the region identified is in the order of approximately 13 million and the table below will indicate to what extent these language families have been penetrated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Northern Mozambique - Summary of Principle Language Groups

See the demarcated region in the map below

Language Family Approx Population % Evang   Primary Religion
Makhuwa 3 986 000.00 0.15   Ethnic Religions
Lomwe 1 681 000.00 1.58   Ethnic Religions
Sena 1 502 000.00 7.00   Ethnic Religions
Makua, Makhuwa-Meetto 1 079 000.00 0.05   Ethnic Religions
Nyanja, Nyasa 711 000.00 0.00   Christianity
Makhuwa-Shirima 693 000.00 0.00   Ethnic Religions
Yao 556 000.00 0.03   Islam
Makonde 399 000.00 0.40   Islam

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